Smart Home

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Smart Technology coupled with professional installation

The internet, television, and radio ads constantly talk about home technology and the ease and simplicity of installation and use. There is also a great deal of concern for safety and proper installation. Keeping your home and family safe and secure requires a professional team. JPM Lock & Security partners with Brivo to ensure a seamless smart home experience.

Keyless entry. You oversee who enters your house and when they can enter. Easily give and revoke access to your residence from a touch on your phone or computer.

Smart Thermostats, Lighting, Door/Window sensors, Fire/CO detectors, Flood/Temperature gauge. All can be managed, or you will be given an immediate warning.

I’m home. Select ‘I’m home’ and automatically turn on selected lights, open the garage door, and unlock the door for you. All set up to your preferences.

Good night. Select ‘Good Night,’ and lights turn off, ensuring all doors are locked.

Smart Building

Commercial real estate property owners and landlords look to technology to protect their investments and offer enhanced security to their tenants.

Improve property appeal

To increase resident retention and quickly fill units

Expand management opportunities

By controlling doors access properties from any mobile device and managing vendor access

Protect investment and prevent damage

With sensors and property environmental controls

Safeguard property with automated access

By setting access control schedules, managing permissions, and receiving alerts for important access events

Deliver a seamless digital experience

Where residents open doors, control smart apartment features, pay rent and submit work orders via one mobile app

Offer self-guided showings

Prospects run their tour while the property stays secure

Residents are willing to pay more and stay longer with more amenities and Increased security.

Smart Locks

Key exchanges, lost keys, and rekeying are costly tasks for property managers. Using our platform, these tasks can be eliminated from your operations and expenses.

Smart Thermostats

Property managers and residents can control thermostats remotely, eliminating the unnecessary heating and cooling of vacant units and setting minimum temperature settings.

Smart Lighting/Switches

Smart lighting that you can control via your smartphone.

Smart Door/Window Sensors

Door window sensors tell you whether a door or a window is open or closed. This information can trigger events such as turning the lights on or triggering a siren when a window is opened when you are not at home.

Smart Fire/CO Detectors

Alerts property managers and residents immediately.

Smart Temperature/Flood Sensors

A few minutes can equate to tens of thousands of dollars in damage in a freeze or flood situation.

Smart Access

Control who and when tenants have access to building amenities, shut off back doors at night, limit gym and laundry for certain times or residents.


JP Mangione is proud to be a reseller and partner for Eagle Eye Cameras. A leader in surveillance and security protection.

Video Surveillance with appropriate privacy and cybersecurity protections makes businesses and communities much safer by providing actionable business intelligence and proactive security.

Customers in virtually every industry, including multi-family residences, smart cities, schools, hospitals, hotels, logistics, restaurants, and retail shops, trust Eagle Eye Networks for actionable business intelligence and security.

Our open, flexible, and easy-to-use cloud-based video surveillance system, Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, meets the demanding needs of businesses now and into the future.

Eagle Eye Network is the only video management system that allows you to choose the best security camera for your needs or upgrade your system without ripping and replacing what you use today.

The ultimate flexibility is with flexible storage(in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid), retention on a camera by camera basis (can easily be changed in real-time with a click of a button), and flexible payment options to fit any budget.

Secure your home or building with top-quality residential locks and smart safety products.