Residential Technology

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Smart Technology coupled with professional installation

The internet, television, and radio ads constantly talk about home technology and the ease and simplicity of installation and use. There is also a great deal of concern for safety and proper installation. Keeping your home and family safe and secure requires a professional team.

Keyless entry.
You are in charge of who enters your house and when they can enter. Easily give and revoke access to your residence from a touch on your phone or computer.

Smart Thermostats, Lighting, Door/Window sensors, Fire/CO detectors, Flood/Temperature gauge.
All can be managed or give you immediate warnings of an issue.

I’m Home.
Select ‘I’m home’ and automatically turn on selected lights, open the garage door, unlock the door for you. All set up to your preferences.

Good Night.
Select ‘Good Night,’ and lights turn off, ensuring all doors are locked.

Secure your home with top-quality residential locks and home safety products.