Commercial Locksmith Albany

Commercial Services

JPM Lock & Security offers 24-hour emergency services for commercial companies.

We service all commercial, industrial, government, and education facilities, including hospitals, school districts, universities, storefronts, offices, apartment buildings, grocery stores, factories, and more.

We are a trusted provider to these industries for the following products and services:

  • Automatic door openers
  • MasterKey systems
  • High-security locks
  • Access control
  • Security cameras
  • Commercial doors
  • ADA compliant locks
  • DoorService contract
  • Door and Frame
  • Fire door inspection

Why does your company in Albany, NY need security cameras?

The answer is clear; deter crime, protect your employees, customers, property, and increase productivity. More than ever, it is essential that you take steps to protect what is important to you and your business. Employees and customers need to feel safe to be productive, and customers need that security when entering your establishment. Security cameras add that extra layer of protection while providing clear pictures to deter criminals and deter employees from and untoward behavior.

Educational Institutions

Security for educational institutions is catamount to student safety. We work with you to achieve a sound and secure environment with high-security locks, access control, cameras, and intercoms. We can also help perform the often forgotten fire door inspections.

Project planning

JPM Lock & Security has been helping companies for over 100 years to determine the best plan for their upcoming commercial or residential project. The beginning of the project is an opportune time to introduce your security professionals. Too often, companies have had to make change orders because of the lack of understanding of current systems or how security products work with other systems.

Cleanroom Technology

We have been installing Air-locks or Man Traps for our customer’s cleanrooms for decades. As technology has improved, so have the solution possibilities. If you need cleanroom technology, give us a call to find the best solution for you.

Professional commercial security and locksmith services 24/7.