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Posted on Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear Valued Customer,


As we enter the warm summer months, we would like to take the time to offer safe and affordable solutions that can make your business and even your home more secure.  We hope that you find our newsletter helpful and full of beneficial solutions.



Gary Mangione

Joseph P. Mangione Inc.



Automatic Door Operators

Suitable for almost every commercial building, the 7700 Arrow door operator hands free access while also being ADA approved.  Along with the convenience of the touch-free wall switch, this door operator is also low energy, providing your company with an affordable and efficient solution!


High Security Deadbolts

Earlier in May, the LA times reported a video of two young men drilling their way into a local apartment building and stealing from tenants inside.  This has caused extreme awareness in drilling attacks leaving commercial businesses looking for more secure options.  Medeco released their new 14 series deadbolt offering just that.  Ideal for office buildings, schools, restaurants and any other commercial business, this high security deadbolt will protect from any kind of forced attack!


A Little Closer to HomeProtecting your family during the summer months.

As the vacation time nears, we believe it is very important that people are aware of all of the different security options available.  Home security can be crucial during the summer whether is protecting your kids while they’re home from school or easing your mind while you’re at your favorite vacation spot.  Our in home systems offer stay options which will only trigger when an entry way is opened leaving your children able to stay safely in the house.  However, we also offer systems with away options triggering when any movement is made in the house keeping your belongings safe while you’re gone.  Although many different options are available in securing your home, the worst choice is not securing it at all!


BEWARE….of fake locksmiths!

MSNBC released a story of their case study on shady locksmiths and their ads.  Many “locksmiths” have been placing their ads on or other search engines targeting people who are in emergency situations and offering “cheap, 24-7 mobile” service in your area.  MSNBC shows that the people behind these ads are charging extreme amounts of money while performing unconventional locksmith techniques by sometimes drilling customer’s locks or even ripping off their door handle! 


*An easy way to avoid locksmith nightmares, visit and click on find a locksmith!






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