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How can hardware help you stay healthy?

Posted on Thursday, November 1, 2012


How can hardware help you stay healthy during this holiday season? Recently Arrow received a compliment from a restaurant. The comment card received stated,


 “As always the food was excellent. On a side note, my daughter and I liked the new hands free device in the ladies room where, upon exiting, we could wave and the door would open. The guys were a little disappointed that they didn’t have one when exiting the men’s room.”


What was installed on the restaurant’s Women bathroom door, Arrow 7700 Series Door Operator. This affordable hands free operator is specifically designed for touch free applications such as the restaurant’s bathroom. The operator has obstruction detection, overload safety device and requires movement for activation with a hold open time from 1 to 10 seconds. With nothing to touch, the 7700 door operator makes catching germs a bit harder.

What about locks? For those that have pushbutton locks, cleaning them can be a challenge. How do you get in between all those buttons and really make sure it is clean and germ free. With Arrow Revolution products, the smooth surface is clean with one swipe. No worries about moving around or in between buttons. Plus, Arrow Revolution V1 Lever is a Grade 1 product designed to operate longer, built stronger and designed to be withstand heavy abuse. Arrow Revolution smooth, frequently cleaned surfaces help prevents the spread of germs.


Contact us today for a needs identification consultation so we can find the right hardware to help you stay healthy this winter.


  Arrow 7700 door operator



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