Doors, Locks, and Safes

Doors, locks, exit devices, door closers and openers, and safes are the components that make up the physical security of your business. The entrance to your building represents a major part of that physical security. To keep your business secure, we install metal door and frames, aluminum storefront systems, and fiberglass-reinforced polyester doors to fit new or existing openings. We recommend and install the locks, exit devices, hinges and door closers that will maximize the functionality of opening/closing and locking those doors. Auto door openers and sliding doors provide access to your site for handicapped individuals--we can help you find the best one for your needs. Burglar and depository safes and insulated file cabinets will lock up your valuables securely. Our inventory will give you many options from which to choose.  Contact one of our representatives at 800-464-3685 to discuss your specific needs!

 Nabco GT710 auto door opener